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The Place for fun learning

English Avenue offers your child or student a unique and exciting educational experience.

When children visit English Avenue, they are encouraged and inspired to take their own initiative in learning English. For every activity a child completes, whether it be a short reading, a phonics exercise, a grammar exercise, or even a simple coloring task, they are rewarded with Kid Points, and encouraged to carry on.

English Avenue offers a step-by-step phonics program for young learners. With over 400 pages of exercises, games, puzzles, and tests, your children will see results like never before. Starting with the very basic ABC's, the Phonics Cafe worksheets progress all the way to spelling, pronunciation and reading. As a compliment to the Phonics Cafe, the English Avenue Library offers a series of short interesting readers to help children use their phonics skills in a real and practical setting.

English Avenue not only provides hundreds of worksheets and exercises for developing English skills, but also a variety of creative projects. At the Project Depot, children can print mini-projects on photography, writing, and drawing. And coming later this year the Project Depot will also offer a set of cooking recipes, so that you and your child can spend time together baking in the kitchen.

English Avenue offers children an easy-to-use navigation system, with bold and colorful icons. Even first time computer users find the site an easy place to get comfortable with the Internet. It's the perfect site for your child or student to develop basic computer skills, such as downloading, printing, sending eCards, and more. It's easy, and so much fun.

At English Avenue we believe it's important for children to develop computer skills while also learning to spend time away from the computer. Every task, worksheet, project and game involves printing a page to work on away from the computer. Once an exercise is completed children can return to English Avenue to collect Kid Points, e-stickers, and e-trophies, or send eCards to their parents or teachers to let them know what they've worked on that day.

English Avenue makes learning fun by providing children with a library of printable board games, card games, word games and more. These and many other stimulating learning activities create a unique opportunity for children to learn about computers and English at the same time.

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